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Radical Performance is a technique for anyone interested in performance as an art form. This workshop series will help you develop yourself as an instrument, and practice the art of playing in time and space.  All levels of experience welcome. 

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FREE INTRODUCTION: Tuesday Feb 3rd, 7:00-9:30PM

SIX-WEEK SERIES: Tuesdays, February 10th - March 17th. 7:00-9:30PM

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contact Anet: anetris@comcast.net, or call 503.810.0446

This workshop series trains performers to develop presence and the full embodiment of states of being/characterizations, and then to play with these embodiments both realistically and abstractly. The performer practices creating from a place of internal and external 'shape-shifting' rather than pretending. The practice integrates breath and sensory awareness exercises, centering tools, experiential anatomy, a spectrum of movement dynamics, Michael Chekov's approach to character development and compositional improvisation drawn from dance and 'kelmanworks' and Red Nose Clown. The work brings depth, presence, playfulness, and a broader palette to any performer.

Participants will explore:

  • Presence
  • Engagement with Audience
  • Focus & Centering
  • Imagination
  • Embodiment of States of Being
  • Compositional Improvisation

Through presence (being moment to moment) and a common vocabulary of time and space, we will use play to create character, relationship and compositional improvisations.

There will be a focus on the development of psycho-physical centering, character development, phrasing of energy/movement, and exploring how movement reads to an audience.


Tuesdays, 7:00-9:30PM 

Sept. 29-Nov. 3

sliding scale: $90-$120

(some partial scholarships available)

The Headwaters Theater
Waterline Studio
55 N Farragut # 4 (upstairs)
Portland OR 97203


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